To every '9 to 5 worker' with a MILLIONAIRE inside of them...

It's time to build wealth without Quitting Your Day Job!

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Jemal King

AKA "The 9 To 5 Millionaire"

What would it mean to YOU...

  If you didn't have to worry about money like you do?

  If you could stop living paycheck to paycheck?

  If you could build massive generational wealth without quitting your day job?

Would you take me up on that offer?

At 43, I've not only grown multiple 7 figure businesses, a huge real estate portfolio but more importantly, I accomplished it while investing passionately into my faith and family.

My relationship with God is stronger than ever, my 20-year marriage is more passionate than ever, and my parenting of 3 amazing children is more fulfilling and time filled than ever before...

And I've created this lifestyle without being your typical millionaire entrepreneur who quits their job at the first sign of wealth, instead of keeping my 9 to 5 job for 20 years as a Chicago Police officer.

Now I can not only bless my future generations but YOUR future generations using my 9 to 5 Millionaire journey.

Are you next?

After leading thousands of men and women just like you to uncover their own generational wealth through my Make Real Estate Real program, now it's your turn!

So here's the deal - during the 9 to 5 Millionaire journey, and in less than 4 weeks - I'm going to help you discover your own blueprint to unlimited wealth without quitting your job. And we’re starting the journey - now! 

"As successful as I've been, I realized no one can earn enough from just one source of income. Knowing Jemal has transformed my life, my mom's life, my kids lives. Now it's your turn!"

"The 9 to 5 Millionaire book is some of the most incredible, life changing information. You're going to feel inspired, smacked in the mouth and transformed!"

"When Jemal gave me his 9 to 5 Millionaire blueprint in March of 2019, he not only transformed my thinking, but walked me through the exact same steps he has used over the past 20 years. And now, my passive income has overtaken my income from my 9 to 5 job!"

"Jemal King and the 9 to 5 Millionaire journey is the light in your darkness. He is a unicorn that has an amazing ability to not just tell you what to do, but inspire you, that this is possible for you!"

Here's the reason I want you to be a


Any U.S. citizen can look around and realize the middle class no longer exists.

In today’s economy, you’re either poor or rich. 

The poor are trading in time for money, working two or more jobs for real stability, settling for an okay paying job that takes your fire away. 

Meanwhile, the rich are trading in money for their time by investing in themselves and building a real legacy that they love. 

I would know because, I’m the 9 to 5 Millionaire. Blue-collar ethics built me for greatness.

And it’s because of my background that I hate to see the hardest working people suffering the most. 

Facing missed vacations, poor health conditions, even fighting the occasional eviction notice due to an unforeseen layoff. 

In a society where you’re either poor or rich, we’re forced to look at the major differences in lifestyle, access, and privilege. 

So Building Wealth is A MUST for you!

Here's the truth about


You can be as wealthy as YOU decide!

It's time for YOU and all of society’s heavyweight champs to STOP living like underdogs...

You can keep your blue-collar jobs and build multi-million dollar companies at the same time.

No one, not your boss, not your family, not Facebook, and not even your fears; get to dictate your income. Your job may provide a salary, but that doesn’t mean that’s all you’re able to generate in a year.

By the time I was twenty-six years old I was the wealthiest officer in my department, and it’s not because of the minimal percentage raises that we’d get every so often. It’s because I realized I could create more income on the side while also serving the city of Chicago. 

You don't have to quit your job to chase your dreams!

That's B.S!

 People who tell you that you aren’t serious enough about your life because you’re still working your full-time job are manipulators!

And to keep it real with you, they’re more than likely trying to scam you into giving them your money. 

So no, this journey is not here to endorse the “leave your day job” culture—quite the contrary. 

It’s here to emphasize the complete opposite. Keep your day job because building wealth is a numbers game!

One Of The Biggest


The key to wealth is NOT about you working harder.

Only having one stream of income is too close to having zero doesn't matter how much you earn or how hard you work!

You were never meant to just get by... Just have enough to pay your liabilities (bills, insurance, etc). 

Your "9 to 5" is there as a tool to allow you to purchase income-producing assets that pay for your liabilities! 

That’s the game we’re playing now! 

One stream can handle the basics, two streams can create some harmony, but three-plus can create bliss and security

If you already go that hard for that company you work for that doesn’t promise to take care of your children, I know you’re capable of keeping that same energy for yourself.  

I want you to erase everything that you’ve heard about entrepreneurship and wealth- building prior to taking this journey. 

Remember, building a legacy is a numbers game, focused on revenue and your use of your time.

So again, remove everything you think is true about wealth, and let’s redefine it together.

You have to start seeing how expansive you really are! You’re not just your 9 to 5 title. 

You’re a humanbeing, and that means you’re destined for greatness. All of those gifts and skills lying dormant inside of you are just waiting on you to say yes! 

So click the button below and join the 9 to 5 Millionaire journey because we’re starting your journey to wealth - now! 

Introducing the journey to becoming a


 FOCUS #1:


 Secret #1: Learn how to create a millionaire's vision regardless of your upbringing or circumstances

 Secret #2: How to take limiting beliefs off ourselves and start seeing the fullness of life we are called to live

 Secret #3: Learn how to look at the WHY behind what you really want in life to gain the ultimate in motivation for your big goals

 Secret #4: How to create daily habit changes to fulfill your life's dreams

 FOCUS #2:


 Secret #1: How to remain in positive mindsets regardless of your current position

 Secret #2: How to create a new vehicle for wealth outside your 9 to 5 job

 Secret #3: The dangers of putting your trust in one thing

 Secret #4: How to overcome failure, adversity and disappointment

 Secret #4: How to measure your success for continual growth

 FOCUS #3:


 Secret #1: How to develop an abundance mindset to future generations

 Secret #2: How to take control of your finances and budget

 Secret #3: How to attract mentors and like minded people around you

 Secret #4: How adding value to others lives brings you more than you give

 FOCUS #4:


 Secret #1: How to know what to spend money on

 Secret #2: How to make wiser financial decisions and build your credit

 Secret #3: How to take control of your time better

 Secret #4: If you should quit your job, change your job, or stay in the one you have

 FOCUS #5:


 Secret #1: How to define what legacy means to you

 Secret #2: How to ensure you leave wealth to your children's children

 Secret #3: How obedience leads to so many other's destiny

Let's Have a Look Inside...

Your 9 To 5 Millionaire Journey

#1 - 9 To 5 Millionaire Hard Cover Book

The Blueprint

286 Page Hard Cover Book

#2 - 9 To 5 Millionaire Audio Book

The Motivation

Listen to Jemal read over 7 hours of the book wherever you are!

#3 - Implementation Journal

The Action Plan

Take the blueprint from this journey to create your own roadmap

#4 - 9 To 5 Millionaire 14 Video Challenge

The Accountability

Let Jemal walk you through the implementation of this book in just 14 days!

PLUS - Instant Digital Access To All Resources

Inside you'll ALSO get INSTANT Access to the eBook, AudioBook, Digital copy of the journal, and 14 Day Challenge Video Series, so you can get a jump start on your Journey to becoming a 9 to 5 Millionaire, IMMEDIATELY!

It's Time to Get Off the Sidelines...

You Owe It To Yourself To Become A

9 To 5 Millionaire

So, Here Is How The 9 To 5 Millionaire Journey Works...

So, Here Is How The 9 To 5 Millionaire Journey Works...

What It Includes...

 284 Page Hard Copy Of "9 To 5 Millionaire" Book     

 7 Hour Audio Book Of "9 To 5 Millionaire"  

  Physical Copy Of The Implementation Journal         

 14 Day Video Implementation Challenge

How Much It Is

The journey costs $100 to join. This covers your materials we will be shipping you to use during the challenge (more info on what is in this kit below).

With the 9 to 5 Millionaire Journey, we could easily charge $1,000 for the entire journey…

Probably even $2,000, or more, but...

All You Pay Is $100! 

Plus $9.95 Worldwide Shipping & Handling

* Please Note: Book and audio book are not available for purchase 
separately at any time... We want you to implement, and this is the best way!

Undecided? Check Out the Indisputable PROOF & Results Created By Just SOME the Men & Women Inside The Make Real Estate Real Family.

"I've been so blessed by this course, this is so worth the investment, and thank you Jemal! I'm so thankful with what you can have blessed out community with..."
Roderick "Big Rod" Baker

"I've purchased 3 properties because of Jemal's information and his team. This has changed my wealth position and future legacy. Plus, I've been able to buy my mom a house! Thank you!"
Lisa Rodriguez Baylis

"I learnt so much about every are of real estate investing from the course! I have created my LLC company and getting ready to purchase my first property with the team and I just finished the course!
Donna Henderson

"Everything you need for mindset, confidence, and real estate investing is packaged up and put in a bow for you! Investing in myself and my family like this has been amazing!'"
Darrell Payne

"I knew alot of information already, but this program has given me the confidence to take the steps to get the success. Now it's time to pull the trigger "
Jamal Kirby

"Thank you Jemal! You have made this information life changing to me. The excellence and integrity you share with is inspiring. This course is life changing!
Derrick Parks

"This course is an absolute game changer! It was an easy decision, even though I'm not ready to buy right now, the information has set me up!"
Terry Dunn

"Jemal has given you everything you need to have success and change my mindset towards building wealth. Thank you to Jemal and the team!"
Barry Parker

"I've got started purchasing property right away from the information Jemal shared. This course is the exact blueprint you need."
Mark Reynolds

As You Can See...

This Is The Playbook You've Been Looking For...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next To Get It?

Answers To Your Most Burning Questions...





It's Time to Get Off the Sidelines...

You Owe It To Yourself To Become A

9 To 5 Millionaire

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